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Registration Information

  • Registration will be completed at

  • The entry fee will be $15 per athlete. $450 maximum for a single-gender school. $650 for a coed school. (Please note, this fee is for athletes registered, not how many compete.)

  • Checks should be made out to:

De La Salle High School

  • Checks should be sent to:

John Pelster

De La Salle High School

1130 Winton Drive

Concord, CA 94518

  • Entry Fees are due no later 9/13

  • Registration closes at 9:00 pm on 9/17


  • You will not be confirmed for entry in the meet until entry fees are received.

  • The field size is limited. Meet management will be sending out invitations to a number of schools who have been regular supporters of the meet. After their teams have been confirmed, we will open up registration until we meet our entry limit. 

  • NOTE: Your fastest juniors and seniors runners, MUST be entered in the Varsity race. Your fastest freshmen and sophomores may be entered in either the varsity race, the JV team-scored race, or the frosh/soph top-10 race. If you have questions, or would like to request an exemption to this, please contact meet organization before the day of the meet.

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